Visually Induced Dizziness Masterclass

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Join us for an interactive masterclass and discussion on ViD/VIMS!

In total, we’re going to have three lessons with PDF downloads… plus a live Q&A Coaching Call (Tuesday, Oct. 27th at 7:00pm CST).

On the live coaching call, bring your questions and ideas. Plus, interact with your peers via an instant messaging tool! 

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Lesson 1

Defining ViD/VIMS | Affected Neural Pathways | VIMS Treatment: Medical & Non-Medical 

Lesson 2

Risk Factors for ViD | How is ViD Identified | How Do We Treat ViD: Subjective and Objective

Lesson 3

How Do We Produce OKS | Sample Videos | Important Factors for Best Outcomes | Factors That May Limit Progress | Additional Considerations

Live Coaching Call + Vestibular Rehab Course Details

A Live Interactive Discussion on ViD/VIMS | Details on CCVR Course Schedule and Labs + New Bonuses